BOSETU & BOFUS Receives Vehicles

BOSETU & BOFUS Receives Vehicles

BiB Brokers and PEUBO Investments PTY LTD were able to provide vehicles to their shareholders, BOSETU and BOFUS. With 6 vehicles handed over to BOSETU and 4 vehicles to BOFUS, it is evident that both companies are committed to supporting their shareholders and enhancing their operations.

The decision to purchase vehicles for the shareholders in lieu of dividends, as announced during the previous year’s Annual Shareholders meeting, demonstrates the forward-thinking approach of BiB Brokers and PEUBO Investments PTY LTD. By providing these vehicles, they are not only acknowledging the contributions of their shareholders but also investing in expanding their organizations’ reach.

The expression of gratitude by the BOSETU President and BOFUS chairperson further highlights the significance of this gesture. These vehicles are seen as valuable assets that will greatly contribute to the growth and development of both companies, allowing them to establish a stronger presence in their respective industries.

Oteng Malope

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