BOSETU Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS)

The society was founded in 2008 under the Cooperative Society Act (Cap 42:04) as a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society. The objective of the Society is to promote a culture of saving among its members and to create thereby a source of funds from which loans and withdrawals can be made exclusively to members for provident and productive purposes

Savings contributions are made monthly directly from member’s salary.

The society has Board members and sub committees as a means of internal control. SACCOS members can save money and use the savings to apply for low-interest rates loans, at a predetermined savings-loan ratio. Withdrawals may also be allowed but are not encouraged. Members can benefit from simple loan terms and conditions. SACCOS offer members better interest rates if members need a loan during these challenging times.

SACCOS Savings

BOSETU SACCOS has three (3) products, namely, Montsamaisa Savings, Thobo Savings and Bokamoso Savings


Minimum contribution/premium of P100 per month

Minimum book balance of P500

Contributions/premiums allowed to fluctuate either way

Loan ratio at 1:3. (This will come into effect on JUNE 2023)

Maturity and Loans request/withdrawal after 12 months

Withdrawal at 60% of the saved amount

Withdrawal charged at 2.5% of total amount withdrawn


Minimum contribution/premium of P200 per month

Contributions/premiums allowed to fluctuate either way

No withdrawals until upon maturity

Loan ratio at 1:3.

Montsamaisa Savings can be combined with Thobo Savings for a loan request

Savings for 12 months.

Roll over allowed on the 12th month


Minimum contribution/premium P500 and more

Contribution/Premiums at a fixed amount

Account fixed at 12 months minimum and 60 months maximum


BOSETU SACCOS offers a wide range of loans at competitive rates, this includes the following;


Caters for your social needs at P2000.00 maximum limit


Maximum limit is P10 000.00 payable within 12 months


Maximum loan limit is P100 000.00 with 60 months repayable period

BOSETU SACCOS Encourages Responsible Lending and We Are Your Preferred Savings and Credit Partner

SACCOS Management Board

Hendricks Albert


Mpho Maruping

Vice Chairperson

Keatlaretse Kopame

Board Secretary

Therisayo Moeng

Vice Secretary

Mosa Modise

Board Member

Rakkie Kelesamile

Board Member

Kennedy Mmusi

Board Member

Gloria Molebatsi

Board Member