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The name BOSETU is an acronym for BOTSWANA SECTORS OF EDUCATION UNION. The purpose of BOSETU's political branch is to guarantee the rights and welfare of its members, which is the union's main goal.

BOSETU also functions as a trade union through organizations like Professional Educators Union Botswana (PEUBO) Investments (PTY) LTD, which provides its members with financial aid, BOSETU merchandise, home appliances, and electronics, and the BOSETU Funeral Scheme (BOFUS), which aims to give members financial support, social support, and manual assistance during times of bereavement. Bofus Insurance Broker (BIB) was also established in order to provide its subscribers with options for both long- and short-term insurance. Lastly BOSETU Savings and credit cooperative society (BOSETU SACCOS) which allows its members to save and take a loan against their savings. You can read about BOSETU here.

We have numerous ways for you to get in touch with us. See the list of options below:
Call us:

BOSETU Head Office: 381 0015
BOSETU Commercial Wing: 371 7600
Palapye: 381 0052
Francistown: 381 0022 / 381 0023
Maun 381 0040 / 381 0042 / 381 0043
Kasane: 3810070 or 381 0071
Shakawe: 381 0060 / 381 0061
Kang: 3810030

Email: bosetupublicity@gmail.com

Social media:

Our full membership is open to all practicing, professionally qualified educators and all employees within the education sector at a subscription fee of 1% of their salary, provided there is a recognized agreement between BOSETU and the respective institution. All retired, resigned, or student teachers who pay a P22 monthly subscription fee are also eligible for associate membership.

Fill out membership forms from our branch chairs, shop stewards, mobile sales and marketing team at various locations around the country. Join online now

BOSETU aspires to speak up for and represent its members in disputes; it also offers support during dissolution processes. Additionally, it bargains on their behalf so that members can obtain access to banking services and home appliances & electronics, building materials and hardware. Additionally, it gives its clients access to choices for credit, savings, short term insurance, and bursaries. Finally, it improves the standard of instruction in Botswana by using online tutoring programs that allow students access to more resources and give teachers the chance to supplement their income through EduCloud.

After the first deduction. You can also use our services right away after making a payment and receiving a receipt.

Unfortunately, we only assist employees within the educational sector.

BOSETU directly deducts the applicable deductions from members' incomes, which are reflected on their pay slips. But associate members pay over the counter.

Our membership is terminated by death because we want to do everything in our power to represent and meet the demands of our members. A member can terminate their membership with BOSETU if they are dissatisfied with our services by sending a written letter to the Secretary General and submitting it to the Regional Organizer of their region within three months.