The President’s Call to Action

The President’s Call to Action

BOSETU President Cde Winston Radikolo implored BiB and PEUBO to intensify their recruitment efforts and reach out to potential members across the country.

The President emphasized the importance of a strong and vibrant membership base, stating that it is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the organization. He urged the chairpersons to use the new vehicles as a tool to attract new members and expand BOSETU’s reach.

In conclusion, the President urged all members to work together towards the common goal of growing BOSETU and achieving its vision of being a high performing organization. He expressed his confidence in the chairpersons and their ability to lead the recruitment efforts effectively.

It is clear that the President’s call to action has energized the organization and set the stage for a new era of growth and success for BOSETU.

Oteng Malope

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