Update on the Shop Stewards Merchandise

Update on the Shop Stewards Merchandise

To: All regional Committee, Branch Committee, Cell Committee

Dear Comrades and Compatriots

RE: Update on the Shop Stewards Merchandise

Revolutionary Greetings,

Comrades are hereby informed that the shop steward merchandise and Tool Kit are expected to be delivered and distributed in March 2023.

The NOS office would like to assure all comrades and compatriots of the movement that the Bosetu National Executive Committee is committed to the idea of shop stewards’ capacitation and union branding. It is for this reason that the officers at the union headquarters have been advised to expedite the delivery of the commodities in question.

On a different but relevant note, all BOSETU operatives are advised to intensify the recruitment of new
members into the union movement to grow the union base. I look forward to your usual cooperation.

Yours in Struggles
Mmoloki Bopa
National Organising Secretary