Writ Of Elections, BOFUS Board of Trustees

Writ Of Elections, BOFUS Board of Trustees

To: All BOSETU Funeral Scheme (BOFUS) Members.

I Annah O Motswakgalagadi, Chairperson of the BOSETU Electoral Committee hereby issue a writ of election for BOSETU Funeral Scheme Board of Trustees. The election shall be held at the Annual General Meeting to be held from 22nd to 24th November 2024 at Majestic 5 Hotel Conference Center in Palapye. Members of BOFUS are accordingly invited to submit proposed names for nominations to the Bosetu regional offices.

The following positions shall be contested for at the 2024 AGM in accordance with Article 13.1 of the BOFUS Notarial Deed of Trust.

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Recruitment and Retention
  6. Publicity Secretary
  7. Secretary for Gender Affairs

I hereby direct that nomination forms be obtained from any Bosetu regional offices across Botswana and that the Regional organizers receive the nomination forms for the above positions not later than one (1) month of the date of issuance of this writ (31st July 2024). Note that only hand delivered nomination forms will be accepted.

Note also that to be eligible to contest, to nominate or second a nominee, one has to be a member of BOFUS in good standing.

The names of the 2024 candidates for the BOFUS Board of Trustees shall be publicized through Bosetu social media platforms and other public avenues available. This is to accord the BOFUS membership the opportunity to appreciate the candidates for the different positions in the Board of Trustees.

Thank you.

Your sincerely

Anna O. Motswakgalagadi
BOSETU Electoral Committee Chairperson

DOWNLOAD: BOFUS_electoral_nomination_forms_2024