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Botswana Sector of
Educators Trade Union

Botswana Sectors of Educators Trade Union (BOSETU) is a trade union in Botswana that represents the interests of educators and support staff in the education sector. BOSETU was established in 1986.

The union's main objective is to improve the working conditions and welfare of its members. It advocates for better salaries, improved working conditions, job security, and training opportunities for its members. BOSETU also engages in collective bargaining on behalf of its members to negotiate better terms and conditions of employment.



BOSETU exists to ensure that educators’ rights and welfare are realized and protected


BOSETU is a Sector of Educators Trade Union in Botswana
that represents the interests of the educators and

enhances the importance of the teaching profession

through advocacy and collaboration




The obligation to answer for the execution of responsibilities. Taking/ accepting responsibility for the outcome of our decisions.


Tolerance, mutual respect, acceptance (the essence of a humanness)


Providing the best quality product and service possible service as a high performance organisation


Exercising the highest ethical and professional behaviour, being honest and having strong moral principles. Consistency between stated moral and ethical standards, and actual conduct.


Fair and just opportunities for all.


Controlling and managing any condition that can bring physical, emotional or material harm to preserve health and wellbeing.


The unambiguous and truthful exercise of accountability such that decision-making processes and business activities, outputs and outcomes (both positive and negative) are easily able to be discerned and compared with ethical standards

Negotiating and barggaing for members

BOSETU negotiate with employers on behalf of its members to secure better wages, benefits, working conditions, and other employment terms. Bargaining and negotiating often involve a series of meetings and discussions between union representatives and the employer's representatives. BOSETU Sectoral team does most of the bargaining; and refers pending matters to the principles if there is deadlock.

 The negotiation process can be complex and may involve various tactics such as strikes, picketing, boycotting, withdrawal of labour or other form of job action. The goal of the negotiation is to reach a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for the union members.

To effectively negotiate and bargain on behalf of our members, BOSETU needs to have a strong understanding of their members' needs and priorities. As a union member, know the cell, branch and regional structures in your area so as to keep updated. There is a need for effective communication and collaboration between the union leadership and the members.

Ultimately, the success of bargaining and negotiating for members depends on the strength and unity of the union and its ability to effectively represent its members' interests.

Representation during grievances

Another key roles of BOSETU is to represent its membersduring grievances. If a member of BOSETU experiences a workplace issue or dispute, such as an unfair treatment or a breach of their employment contract, BOSETU will be the first to come to the members rescue.

BOSETU provides its members with guidance and support throughout the grievance process. This may include advising members on their rights, helping them to document the issue, representing them in meetings with their employer, and advocating for a fair and just resolution to the issue.

BOSETU has positive records of success in representation; it is the first union to trust when it comes to representation.

Assisting during Disciplinary Proceedings

BOSETU provide legal advice to members who are facing disciplinary proceedings. This can include advice on their rights, the disciplinary process, and the potential outcomes. Our industrial relations unit has demonstrated competency over the years; our records speaks!

BOSETU also provide representation for its members during disciplinary proceedings. This involve attending meetings with the employer, presenting the member's case, and advocating for a fair outcome.

Furthermore, BOSETU offer emotional and practical support to members during what can be a stressful and difficult time. This can include providing access to counseling and other support services.

BOSETU also conduct training to members on their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, labour laws and statutes regulating their workplace environment .